Perceptual Learning Method

-Create and experience intuitive learning-

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Perceptual Learning is NOT flashcards. It is much BIGGER than that. If you want to create a learning tool to learn definitions and recall facts, this is NOT it. If you want to create a kill and drill exercise for students to study for a test, this is NOT it.

This IS
A tool that allows instructors and teachers to create rich learning experiences for their students. It IS a location for students to learn new concepts and gain NEW knowledge. This IS the opportunity to SHOW students what a concept or idea or thing is without explaining it.

Inspired by the book, How We Learn by Benedict Carey

Backed by research and trials in Tom’s courses.

How it Works

The goal of a PLM is to introduce and reinforce a concept or idea or meaning without detailed explanation -or “any” explanation for that matter. The goal is to SHOW students a concept, idea or meaning and allow them to experience and see what IT is.

Each item in a PLM is a concept, idea or meaning illustrated by AT LEAST 5 images. See an example