Frequently Asked Questions?


     Perceptual Learning is the idea that a person who is repeatedly exposed to a certain stimuli or form of information will invoke long lasting and amazing changes in one's ability to respond to their enviroment. Perceptual Learning involves attention weighing, imprinting, differention, and unitization. A person becomes adapted to tasks by increasing the attention paid to important features. Special receptors are developed and become specialized to specific stimuli. Eventually, tasks that originally required detection so several components are accomplished by detecting only one part of it.


     You may not have enough answers to correctly play a module. You should try and add more answers to play though before you try testing your module. You should have a minimum of 5 answers to play a module for the minimum of 3 answers. The idea of perceptual learning is to have as many pictures and as many answers as possible! So do you best to add enough content to your module.


     A module is a set of answers with associated pictures almost like an everyday quiz. These answers and pictures cover a specific topic (American Geography, for example), and are used to play a game concerning that topic in order to get the brain to quickly differenciate between different concepts, topics, or ideas. The responce quickly become immediate and the player realizes that they no longer have to think to know the correct answer. Perceptual learning is learning without thinking.


     Your module might not have pictures for all of your answers. Go to the Edit Module page for your module, and make sure that there are pictures associated with each answer. You might have also forgotten to publish your module.


     You might be using unsourced and/or offensive material. If the image keeps getting taken down, it’s probably because it violates our terms of service. Reference our Terms and Conditions, and then remove any material that violates it.


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