Mark DeLonge

Instructional Technology Coordinator at Northwestern Michigan College. He works closely with faculty to develop courses and solutions to their tech needs. He is sometimes forced to work with Tom. Mark earned his BA in Education and his MA in Educational Technology from Michigan State University. He worked as an elementary school teacher for 7 years and during the summer, can be found driving one of his two VWs (if they are running).

Tom Gordon

History instructor at Northwestern Michigan College. Tom teaches Western Civilization and American History. He does his part to keep Mark employed by occasionally throwing a project his direction and hoping it turns out alright. Tom earned his BA in history and philosophy at California Polytechnic State University and his MA in history at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. He has worked at NMC since 1997. In his off time, Tom is fishing, reading, and napping.

Development Team

Shane Workman, Zach Vig, Ben Proudfoot, Brian Buchan, Alex Olson, Jacqueline Radtke!
CIT 275 Spring 2016 Capstone class.

Ben Proudfoot, Brian Buchan, Alex Olson, Jacqueline Radtke!
Summer 2016 internship.